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12 Best Focus Books to Read in 2021 -

Fantastic news! just nominated the Untethered book as one of the "12 Best Focus Books to read in 2021" 🎉

The list includes bestsellers like Indistractable by Nir Eyal, and Deep Work as well as Digital Minimalism by Cal Newport... and also Untethered. I feel honored.


Untethered is a non-preachy, practical guide to unplugging in a world that demands we stay connected constantly

Angela Robinson,


Make sure to check out the article and all the other books mentioned in it. They all are incredible books that will help you boost your focus, increase your productivity and become less distracted every day.

You can start to improve your focus right now: go to my homepage and download my FREE 20 page guide towards more attention. Also look out for my next emails as I am working on an a new FREE guide that will be sent to you just before Christmas 🎁 ... and there is more!



Christmas is a great time to support our friends and family. This year, I will be sending out 30 copies of my book to friends to boost their focus and hopefully enable some better digital habits. I would love if you join me by gifting the Untethered book to a friend this Christmas.

When you do, please respond to this email with a screenshoot of your purchase before the end of 2021. One of you will get Airpods Pro as a thank you for your support!


And if you have already planned out all your gifts for this year, you can still make a huge impact by leaving a short review on Amazon. It really helps by nudging the Amazon algorithm to recommend my book to more to people in need of a focus upgrade.

Stay untethered, Sini


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