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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Overcoming Distractions - Now a Bestseller

Untethered fam you crushed it this week!

With your help the Untethered book has become an Amazon Best Seller in the Kindle store.

Because of this success and my desire to impact many more lives, I made sure that the Kindle version (which can be read on any computer, tablet or smartphone device) would cost only $0.99 for another 48h. This is your chance to join many others who are already learning to overcome smartphone distractions, get time back in their lives and create healthy online habits.

In case you are already enjoying your book, I would love your help to make an impact in many other lives. By giving the book an honest review, Amazon is more likely to recommend the book and readers are more likely to make the right decision for themselves. I hope you too will join Nir Eyal's footsteps (the bestselling author of Hooked and Indistractable) in promoting the Untethered book.

"It is easy to blame tech for our troubles, but Untethered goes beyond the clichés and helps us do something about the problem of overuse." - Nir Eyal

Finally, I wanted to share a powerful article I read this week on mental health, more specifically the power to build strong and healthy boundaries. Many of you know that I am a big tennis fan, so it should come as no surprise that this article has a tennis reference in it ;) Click here to read on the Guardian website.

Stay untethered,



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