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I can't believe Facebook is down! Reasons why that might be good for kids...

Updated: Jan 10

We just got a chance to unplug. Facebook and all of its apps went down simultaneously earlier today.

But, last week might have been even worse for Facebook. Internal data leaked claiming to prove that the company knows how toxic its own products are for us.

The internal documents claim to show that Facebook:

-> uses algorithms that intentionally make users' angry

-> only identifies a tiny fraction of hate and misinformation on the platform

-> together with Instagram is making kids miserable

If you've watched the Netflix documentary the Social Dilemma, you probably are not surprised to hear any of this.

I wasn't either. But there is more.

Is there actually a correlation between screen time and the wellbeing of kids?

Research by Canada’s Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (Ontario) conducts a health survey in grades seven through twelve.

Between 2017 and 2019, the number of kids reporting:

-> fair or poor physical health went up by about 24%

-> fair or poor mental health by 41%

-> low self-esteem by 41.5%

-> serious psychological distress by 20.5%

-> and suicidal ideation by 20.5%

What could be the potential cause? Well, seven out of ten kids also reported three or more hours of screen time daily, up by 18.5%, and five or more hours on electronic devices daily in free time, a 20% increase.

So in short, in Ontario a ~20% increase in screen time was correlated with at least 20% poorer health conditions for kids/teens. And this all happened before Covid.

Sure, this is not proving causation.

But it could provide more insight into why Steve Jobs famously forbid his kids to use iPads. He feared them getting hooked...

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